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One Piece Episode 584 Subtitle English
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One Piece Loverz Indonesia, One Piece Episode 584 Subtitle English
One Piece Episode 585 Subtitle english release 17 Febuary
Genre : Comedi, Adventure, Shonen
Anime : One Piece
Karya : Eiichiro Oda
Type : Series
Episode : 584
subtitle : Indonesia
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link active date10 February

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One Piece Episode 584 Subtitle Indonesia
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One Piece Loverz Indonesia, One Piece Episode 584 Subtitle Indonesia geratis
One Piece Episode 585 Subtitle Indonesia akan rilis tanggal 17 Febuari
Genre : Comedi, Adventure, Shonen
Anime : One Piece
Karya : Eiichiro Oda
Type : Series
Episode : 584
subtitle : Indonesia
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Have you owned Samsung Galaxy S3 android device and thinking to root it? Here we have simple tutorial how to root Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 on Android 4.0.4 ICS XXALE8 firmware. Samsung Galaxy S 3 is the hottest Android phone in the market. Samsung Galaxy S 3 has got some marvelous features like 4G support, a large 4.8inch display with 306ppi pixel density. Some other features of S3 are its large internal memory size, RAM, Operating System, Corning Gorilla Glass, Camera and best Accessories etc. What if you can even make it better? Well, you really can. You can over-clock your device, remove ads from all your free apps and a lot more things but for that you first need to root your phone. How? That’s what we will be telling you all. So, here is the tutorial on How to Root Samsung I9300 Galaxy S3. Before beginning with the tutorial, we suggest you to read things like Things Needed, Note and Disclaimer properly.

Note: Once your phone is successfully rooted, your phone’s warranty will end. Make sure you follow this tutorial if you have the stock firmware version XXALE8 on your phone and if it isn’t there then we don’t suggest you to continue rooting. You can also checkout in which firmware the phone was running SettingsAbout Phone. Also, make sure you backup everything present on your phone.

Disclaimer: Rooting is a really technical work, so we suggest you to perform it under the guidance of an expert. And in case you brick your phone or damage it in anyway then we should not be held responsible for the damage done.

Things Required: 

1. Original Flagship Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone.
2. Make sure Enable USB debugging is checked on your S3 by going to Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging.
3. Backup all your data like phone contacts, sms, call logs and apps.
4. Make sure your computer is having all the necessary S3 drivers pre-installed.
5. You phone should have at least 70% of remaining battery.

Steps and Procedure to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Android 4.0.4 ICS XXALE8 firmvare

1. Download below both zip files into your PC.

  • Odin3 v3.04 flashing tool from here.
  • CF-Root for Samsung Galaxy S3 v6.3 rooting package from here.

2. Once you downloaded the both files. Extract them in a separate folder and place it on the desktop (or anywhere else). Below you can look at image then you will get clear idea. In Odin folder there will be odin.exe with three supported files and rooting package folder contains CF-Root-SGS3-v6.3.tar file.
3. Open the Odin folder and Launch the Odin application by double clicking the Odin3 v3.04.exe.

4. Now switch off your phone and boot into Download Mode. For that you need to press and holdingVolume Down Menu Center + Power On Buttons together. Once you get android robot image then you can release all those buttons.
5. Once your phone enters into the download mode. Then connect the phone with your computerusing the USB data cable. If you will see the light blue color in ODIN ID:COM field then your phone is detected and if you don’t try re-connecting your phone with the computer.
6. Now on ODIN go to, PDA option and then browse to the file that we extracted from the rooting package folder there locate the CF-Root-SGS3-v6.3.tar file.
7. Make sure only F.reset Time and Auto reboot options are checked.

8. Click on Start Button. Then you device will be reboot automatically and it will take some time to complete the rooting process. In Odin you can see green color in the ID:COM field, that means your phone is successfully rooted permanently without any problems.

In Rooting it will install superuser app, clockworkmod recovery mode and CWM utility manager in the phone. Now you can easily install custom based ROM like CyanogenMod 9 rom on Samsung Galaxy S3.
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Google has officially released new Google Play Store v3.10.10 (Android Market) for all Android smartphones but still lots of user not got this as automatic update. Here I'm sharing the latest apk version after lots of user request. Lots of bug fixed and different little changes and adjustments you may noticed in this new version of Play store.

Google frequently releasing new versions for Android Play Store and now Google released another update for all user named Google Play Store 3.10.10. Don't surprised if you see Google Play Store v3.10.11 just in few days. Google Play Store v3.10.10 or older name Android Market, is an android app which allows you to search and download more than 500,000 apps from Android marketplace on your Android Smartphones or Android Tablets. New Google Play Store v3.8.17 includes many little changes and adjustments to improve the user experience and make it more faster and even better for end user.Though Google has not made this available for all Android user but you still can download apk from here and upgrade to new version.In previous version Google made lots of changes like all tab contains a handy drop-down with all your accounts if you added more than one and lets you switch between them very easily. Some of the stock apps that apparently never got linked to the Play Store before got identified and picked up this time The new update will fix some flows in older one. Though no change log or feature list available yet but you surely feels all new with it. It has better comment handling and you can even search with voice as Microphone button for voice command in search ment is already added in previous Android Market updates.
New Android Market app should support all smartphones with Android 2.2 Froyo and higher OS version. You can now use the direct link below to quick download. No official changelog available yet so we can't say what's new, just checkout yourself the latest version of Google Play Store v3.10.10 and follow guide to installation.

I'm facing Force Close:- Clear app data if this new Market version force closing every time. To do this goto Settings - Applications - Manage - Market, and clear data. Or you can use Apps 2 SD to go Market's Uninstall/Detail page by long press over it.

How to Get Back Old Market Version:- If you don't like the new Google Play Store v3.10.10 and wants to get your old style market app back, here how to. Goto Settings - Applications - Manage - Play Store, and click on Uninstall Updates. Alternatively you can use Apps 2 SD to go Market's Uninstall/Detail page by long press over it. Leave comments for further help.

Download Link New Google Play Store 3.10.10 Apk Update:
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The world is shifting to mobile computing. With smartphones and tablets getting almost as powerful as PC’s, it’s no wonder that desktop sales are declining. However, there’s nothing like a laptop computer. The power and functionality of a desktop, in a portable package. When we’re looking to buy a laptop, battery backup is one of the biggest factors to consider. Be it a Laptop, Netbook or ultrbook, there’s always a few things we can do to further extend the battery life. By keeping a few simple things in mind or tweaking settings a bit, we can make sure the battery lasts longer. So here’s how to increase laptop battery backup in 8 easy ways!

Increase Laptop Battery Backup – Tips and Tweaks:

1. Get rid of bloatware: First and foremost, get rid of all the useless software that comes bundled with laptops. You really don’t need all those monitors, recovery solutions and such, there are far better, lighter and free data recovery alternatives available. All of these programs running in the background not only slow down your computer, but also use up precious processing power which in turn depletes the battery. Even make sure that there are only essential items in startup, you don’t need iTunes Helper, Adobe Updater and stuff to startup with your PC.

2. Tone down the screen brightness: Probably the easiest and most obvious way to increase laptop battery backup is to reduce screen brightness. The same applies to any mobile device, in fact. Turn down the brightness to a comfortable, usable level and of course don’t make it bright enough to light up a whole room.

3. Unplug external devices and empty disc drives: External devices like aUSB external HDD, an iPod or mouse use power from the laptop to run. Therefore, unplug them so that all the battery power is used just for your laptop. If you want to watch a movie from removable media, copy it to your HDD and unplug the external device. Not only is it faster, that’s one less device using up previous battery power. Similarly, if you’re not using the optical disc drive, remove any discs from it because even if it’s not being read from or wrhtten on, the disc drive keeps spinning and using power.

4. Avoid multimedia content and using speakers: Gaming or watching high def movies on battery power is not a good idea, it eats up battery really fast. The graphics card works overtime and requires more power to render graphics or frames in a movie, specially high definition ones. As much as possible, mute the sounds as well or use earphones/headphones while watching a movie.

5. Turn off connectivity services: When you’re not surfing the internet through Wi-Fi or transferring data through Bluetooth, turn them off to save battery power. Turning them on or off is just a key press away on modern laptops and shouldn’t be too cumbersome. Both these services require considerable power.

6. Tweak power options: Laptops have multiple power options and some even come with company optimized ones. Try using the power saver option when you want to extend battery life, and change the time before the laptop switches off display and hard disks or goes to sleep. About 15 minutes or so will do just fine. Although, keep in mind that if you select to turn off the hard drives after a certain time, ongoing operations might be interrupted. So if you’re doing something important involving constant use of the hard drives on battery power, make sure to move the mouse once in a while.

7. Hibernate, not Sleep: If you’re looking to resume work after a break, make sure to put the laptop to Hibernate and not Sleep. Sleep mode simply turns off drives and display but memory and such keeps running. Thus, battery is still being consumed. Hibernate on the other hand, saves the current state and turns off components, thus power is conserved.

8. Update drivers: Although it’s not considered a direct connection, most newer drivers help devices perform more efficiently and thus consume less power. Furthermore, they can even offload processing tasks to specific components and not stress the CPU.

So that was how to increase laptop battery backup in 8 easy ways. Individually they might not make much of a difference, but if applied together, it can considerably increase battery backup and life. A common misconception is that laptop batteries have to be completely charged and discharged to ensure a long life. This is not true, modern lithium ion batteries are not affected by partial charges and discharges, although older nickel metal hydride batteries used to be. Do let us know if there’s anything else you do to save battery and as always, comments and suggestions are welcome!
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Every now again, even the best paid apps go on sale and slash their prices for a limited period of time Sometimes, they even go free of charge, as is the case withe the popular messaging app WhatsApp. Right now, WhatsApp is available completely free in the App Store, although this offer wont last for too long. For those that have never used the app, now is a good time to try it. It is the single most popular cross-platform messaging app that lets you communicate with friends, family nad even business colleagues, completely free of charge, no matter what platform you all happen to be on. Similar to VoIP systems such as Skype, the only prerequisite is that you both have to have the app on your device.
To demonstrate how popular the app is, in August 2012 WhatsApp was handling in the region of 10 billion messages every single day. You may already have heard of WhatsApp from recent rumours that Facebook was in talks to acquire it. These rumours have turned out to be false but it gave WhatsApp some very welcome advertising.
So, whether you are on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry or Symbian, head to your app store and get WhatsApp completely free of charge. You’ll be glad you did.

Download WhatsApp from iTunes : Link
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